car insurance usaNo sound financial plan is complete without adequate insurance protection for a family’s home, health, life and automobile. When shopping for auto insurance, affordability is often the quality that consumers look for in an insurance policy. In today’s internet era, auto insurance quotes can be found online, often for low or no cost. It is prudent for drivers and vehicle owners to consider the benefits and requirements associated with auto insurance coverage.

Most states nationwide require all automobiles that are operated on roadways used by the general pubic to be covered by a car insurance policy. Not only is an auto insurance policy required by law in many cases, the following benefits are associated with adequate car insurance coverage:

Financial Protection

An auto insurance policy provides protection to the policy holder in the event of expenses incurred as a result of a vehicle accident. Those expenses are typically related to property damage repairs and medical care coverage in the event of bodily injury. Also, many car insurance policies offer additional coverage for theft, auto glass replacement, roadside assistance and towing services.

Protection from Civil Litigation

When a vehicle that is involved in an automobile collision is uninsured or underinsured, civil litigation often follows, especially in the case of negligence on the part of the vehicle’s operator. The mere existence of an auto insurance policy may prevent the pursuit of civil litigation as car insurance policies typically cover expenses related to vehicle collisions.

Failing to comply with the legal requirements of insuring an automobile may result in criminal penalties and major traffic violation charges. Additionally, most state departments of motor vehicles will not issue registration for a vehicle that is not insured by a legitimate insurance company. Also, car dealers are usually restricted by law from selling a new automobile without proof of insurance.

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Not only is it financially prudent to invest in adequate, quality auto insurance, it’s the law. The peace of mind that accompanies the existence of a quality car insurance policy may be enough to justify the cost. After all, the protection that an adequate auto insurance policy provides can prevent the financial and legal hardships that can result after a vehicle collision without the appropriate amount of coverage.